100% Canadian Made Windows And Doors With A Lifetime Warranty

100% Canadian Made Windows And Doors With A Lifetime Warranty

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Euro Choice Windows & Doors offers a LIFETIME warranty on our products and a 20-year warranty on our workmanship.

PLUS We Will Buyback Your Old Windows!

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"First of all the workers were very prompt, courteous, and very professional. They cleaned up everywhere. In my eyes they went above and beyond there work related duties……I would highly recommend these workers and the company itself…….a FIVE STAR COMPANY"

Alicia A, Google

Cannot beat Euro Choice (EC) products

"The overall experience was just fantastic. From scheduling Euro Choice to come out to check existing windows to pricing and then installation. We also had a new front door installed. Nine windows and a new front door in just 2 days. Wonderful workmanship and exceptional work and service. Could not have asked for a better product or company. I would recommend Euro Choice to all my friends. The servicemen (Leon) who installed these windows, were very courteous and helpful and all work was cleaned up when they left. Cannot beat EC products."

Don H, Google

Would highly recommend this company

"Recently had front door and front window replaced by Euro choice. Not only is the product exceptional, the crew was professional and through. No time was wasted and site left perfect. Would highly recommend this company.

Also we received 3 quotes and chose them, not because they were the cheapest (middle) but because of the passion and sincerity.

Bob W Google

We can't run this offer forever. Due to a backlog of orders, we will only be able to run this offer until this Wednesday.
As well, please note that weekends are typically our most booked time slots. Weekdays are usually a bit lighter. 

We can't run this offer forever. Due to a backlog of orders, we will only be able to run this offer until this Wednesday.
As well, please note that weekends are typically our most booked time slots. Weekdays are usually a bit lighter. 

Lifetime Warranty on Products + 20-year Warranty on Workmanship

Not sure if it's time to replace your old windows?
Here are a few signs!

  • They are hard to open or don’t open at all
  • The window frame is damaged or deteriorating
  • Air or water from the outside leaks into your home
  • ​Fogging appears between the panes

Fully Family Owned and Operated, Top Rated Window and Door Company!

We Have Tons of Styles, Colours, and Glass Options to Choose From

Here are just a few of your options:

Double Slider Windows

End Vent Slider Windows

Single Slider Windows

Single Hung Windows

Awning Windows

Casement Windows

Get To Know A Bit About 
Euro Choice Windows & Doors

We are a family owned company with over 20 years of professional experience. Euro Choice Windows & Doors has been proudly providing European style windows and doors to Ontario homeowners since 1998. We are a dedicated group of professionals that take care of every step of the window and door replacement process from manufacturing to customizing, and installing. 

Our mission was always to offer an impressive selection of windows and doors that can be customized to complement a wide range of sizes and design styles. With customer satisfaction at our forefront, we adhere to strict specifications when manufacturing our products, and our quality assurance processes to ensure that all finished products are inspected for 5-star operation and craftsmanship. 

We maintain our reputation for consistency and quality by keeping tight control on in-house manufacturing, rather than using sub-contractors. Upholding out reputation is a large contributing factor as to why we offer our clients a lifetime warranty on all of our products.

Being a family based business, and knowing that our clients are trusting us with their homes, we want everyone to feel like family and have the best experience when they work with our team here at Euro Choice Windows & Doors!

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Dear Customers, 

A few days ago we had to end our sale a bit shorter than expected due to a high backlog of orders. 

We resumed our sale today and will be expecting to run this for another week. We appreciate all and any customer feedback and we are excited to help.

Please request your quote before this upcoming Wednesday to ensure a reasonable response time!

- Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when I need new windows?
There are some signs which are easy to spot when it comes to the need for a window replacement. If your windows are shaky or rattle with strong winds, it may mean that the frame no longer supports the panels and needs to be replaced all together. Difficulty in opening or closing can mean anything from deterioration to corrosion or rust. Cold draughts leaking in from around the sills or sash, signify that your window may be costing you in lost energy! Peeling away or chipping paint is not only aesthetically displeasing but can also facilitate mold and corrosion. Built up moisture, condensation and/or icing on the interior of a window pane, is usually a sign that the window is failing to ventilate or seal-out temperatures.
Do you charge for estimates? 
Not a cent! We understand what it can be like having “cold feet” when thinking of a window replacement. Considering that we strive to remain as one of the top fenestration industry experts in Canada, our job is to provide you with all that you need to know, in order to equip you with all the necessary knowledge in helping you make a sound decision - so ask away!
What should I expect from a window and/or door replacement?
Window and Door replacements aren't as easy as buying a new couch. Window and Door replacements require a sincere commitment from you to make informed decisions in regards to your investments, the appearance of your new windows and door, as well as the efficiency in relation to your desires and expectations.
What are the gains in windows with energy efficiency? 
Energy efficient windows serve a purpose in every season throughout the year. Cold winter drafts can create a truly uncomfortable and non-cosy home, while your windows allow costly, warm air to escape and seep through the cracks. In the summer, it can prove to be very difficult to cool down, causing you to wish you could just go back to the drifty winter! By installing our energy efficient windows you may reduce your energy bills by up to 50%.
Why should windows be of concern to me?
Windows play an important and vital role in many aspects of your home. Imagine the countless units of energy that cost money, simply pouring out of old conventional windows, silently costing the homeowner thousands of dollars over the course of the years! A one time investment in the right window will not only prevent the senseless loss of paid-for energy, it also gives your home its face, its features and characteristics – though appearances are not everything, they certainly contribute to the overall value of your home.
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